No one can deny that fashion plays a critical role in our life. Throughout many stages of history, fashion has changed a lot, but its role remains the same. Fashion is important for many reasons, including being a form of personal identity – fashion lets people express style and personality. It also has a great influence on other aspect, when you have a good look, you become more confident and able to work better, enjoy life fulfilledly. In order to help peopleupgrade their fashion gout and improve their life, ZKShirt was born.How can we achieve our goal? Read to discover!


To accomplish our main goal which is helping people improve their fashion gout, ZKShirt has many specific objectives to complete as below.

Provide Latest Trend Info

As you know, fashion changes every day at a rapid pace while everyone’s life is too busy to spend time learning new trends. ZKShirt will help you by providing information on the latest clothing trend, seasonal trends or even by place and occasions. Our team is major in fashion and keep updatingnew trends every day from famous newspapers like Vogue, Elle … so by accessing our website in 5 or 10 minutes, you’re up to date. Whether you are a fan of rock chic style or a girly-style lover, ZKShirt ensures to have enough useful information for you. Someone has said people follow the trend because they want to participate in a never-ending popularity contest. But we all agree that this contest is very interesting, ZKShirt want to remind that you do not have to follow the whole trend exactly, you should adapt the trend in your own way!

Reveal Mix And Match Tips

Then, how do you follow the trend but still have your own characteristics? Don’t worry because you have ZKShirt to support. In our website, we provide fashions tips to have an amazing outfit, beautiful and not too ridiculous. With experienced staff, ZKShirt tips are down to earth, simple to carry out and especially helpful.  Which cool items to mix with this T-shirts, how to renew that hoodie, how to deal with this dirt on fabric? … Hundreds of questions to answer, now ZKShirt is the answer for you. We understand that no one is perfect, everyone wants to enhance their beauty and improve unconfident part. Therefore, ZKShirt reveal the secrets to dress up perfectly and feel confident entirely.

Being A Trust-Worthy Online Shop

With the big boom of internet and e-commerce, online clothing shops are increasing day by day. Problems with online purchasing also occurs, such as delayed delivery, clothing material don’t match with expectation, the color is not good… ZKShirt understands consumers problems, so we co-operate with american clothing factory and manufacturer to bring high quality fashion items to customers. Not only does it provide beautiful designs, ZKShirt online clothing shop also has a simple, quick payment tool and super-fast delivery service. Last but not least, since we directly produce clothes, the price at ZKShirt is reasonable and affordable. Being a trust-worthy online shop, we offer client with peace of mind, comfort and a pleasant shopping experience.


First, to help our clients keep up with new trends, we work almost every day and refer to reputable fashion info sources. From there, our professional and efficient design team will create layout and new design inspired by that trend… Depending on the trend, we will choose the suitable color, form and fabric materials to bring the best quality products for customers. One of the factors that made ZKShirt become the favorite shopping platform of consumers is the fast updating, only 1-2 days after the trend appeared then we have the design respectively. This helps customers immediately catch up and do not miss out any trend. Focusing on the European and American markets, the trends we are updating are closely related to the youth of these two markets – hot movies, inspirational quotes, hot social controversial …In addition, we usually set up surveys to understand the insight, desires, and thoughts of our customers. Because our customers are mostly young people from 18 to 25 years old, energy and like new things, we try to reach them every day to understand them better.
Second, to provide useful mix and match tips, we have our staff trained carefully and allow them to participate in fashion courses. As our staff have a good sense of fashion, being well trained and they are always learning every day, we are confident to bring useful tips for client. In addition, ZKShirt is also associated with fashion stylists to make our fashion guideline perfect. As a stylist, each one hasspecial tips that are used by celebrities and fashion influencers. Our way is, always try the tips first, if they’re effective, ZKShirt will update them with customer.In a word, our criterion is to bring tips that really work.
Third, to become a trust worthy shopping website for our customers, we have optimized all theproduct features and website functions. On the product, our designers will personally choose the material and color to meet the product quality as expected of customers when looking at the design. Being a direct manufacturer means we can save intermediate costs, which help us to set a reasonable price for each product. We ensure that the price of ZKShirt will be very beneficial to consumers. In order to keep the quality of our products constant, we build a unified production and design process.In terms of payment tool, ZKShirt has established a payment system including reputable, popular and familiar means for European and American consumers such as Paypal, Master Card, Visa Card… In terms of delivery, we have built a fast transportation system throughout Europe and America, which allows customers to get the clothes they like after just 2-3 days of ordering. On aftermarket policy, ZKShirt offers customers a friendly client service, always be ready to support the return of products and money refund if customers are not satisfied with the products.


Jose Harris – CEO
Founder and CEO of ZKShirt is Jose Harris. He graduated with Business Administration degree of the famous university American University, Washington, D.C. and started his career as a Sales Executive. He has seven-year experience in Sales department at many global fashion company such as Teespring, Sunfrog… As a fashion enthusiast, having encountered issues when buying online, Jose Harris has the desire to build a reputable online shopping website for young people. In 2016, he invited his friend who is a graphic designer to work together and came out with several creative design ideas in just one day! They sold their very first products to relatives and friends and receiving tons of good feedback. Being supported, Jose Harris decides to establish ZKShirt so that he can bring the good products to more people. At ZKShirt, he is responsible for running the company and testing product quality before selling on the website.
Kathleen Wilkerson – Senior Editor
Like Jose Harris, Kathleen Wilkerson has a great passion for fashion. She was major in Fashion at Academy of Art University (San Francisco, CA) and graduated with excellent diploma. After graduating, Kathleen Wilkerson had worked for many famous magazines such as Vogue, Elle… for five years in the fashion editorial section. She admits she is a shopping addict and always wants to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Desiring to help everyone have better fashion gout as well as support them to enhance their beauty, Kathleen Wilkerson spent three years studying how to have comfortable, simple but impressive outfit. She is ready to share all these information on ZKShirt website, Kathleen Wilkerson is also the one who test all the ZKShirt beauty tips.
Arnold  Matthews – Art Director
Arnold Matthews is the graphic designer who has been with ZKShirt since the very first days. Graduated in Design at Parsons School of Design (Manhattan, New York), Arnold Matthews has a good sense of art and is sensitive to the fashion trends of young people. He loves cool styles which are chilling but also simple and easy to apply in daily life. Not only does Arnold Matthews master the design software but he can also draw very well, which allows him to create design with impressive sketch style. As a movie lover, Arnold Matthews is the one who has made many movieT-shirt that is loved by thousands of young people.
Valerie Ortega – Customer Service Director
Also graduating from American University, Washington, D.C, Valerie Ortega has been working in the customer service department for six years. She is clever, gentle and delicate. Valerie Ortega understands that ZKShirt not only sells products but also bring the fulfilled shopping experience for young customers, therefore, she tries her best to provide them the best customer service: quick answers to consumers concerns and always be ready for returning request. Valerie Ortega is also the one who connects ZKShirt and our beloved customers, making ZKShirt better understand clients and build better service.